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What we do

Whether it's a job interview, a key presentation or interacting with clients and co-workers, others are evaluating you - not only by what you say, but by the way you say it and the image you project. So as you hone your message you can't afford to neglect its most essential part: you, the messenger.

Act Professional opens up the actor's toolkit to provide theatre-based coaching and training for professionals who want to make their presence more confident, authoritative and persuasive.

Why learn about presentation from actors? Skilled actors know how to project themselves with confidence and flair through the toughest auditions and in the most challenging roles. They engage with their audiences and can vary their performance to match the circumstances.

Although most people don't realize it, everyone has an innate ability to act and perform. Let Act Professional show you how to create the workplace presence you want to project - an authentic presence drawn from your own life experiences. You'll learn:

Act Professional's coaching, acting exercises and role plays will help you harness the actor inside you and give you the tools you need to make powerful performance choices - and get the results you want.